Fresh & Exciting

Local Comedians, Free Entry, Cheap Drinks

We are BACK for our third-Tuesday-of-the-month FREE, PROFESSIONAL comedy night and we have a fresh, exciting line-up for you (see below!), GREAT DRINK specials, delicious food, and the perfect cheap date night. Share with your friends and get there early – we’ve had standing room only the past few shows!

If you read GROWLER magazine or the CityPages, have gone to or watched any contests at House of Comedy, have seen Conan O’Brien or Letterman or Last Comic Standing, you may recognize a few of these names as they KEEP SHOWING UP as award winning “Comics to Watch” and getting front page shout-outs and more – this is an AMAZING star-studded line-up and we are so happy to be able to let you see them FOR FREE (WHAT?! Whaaaaat?!)

DJ KING GORILLA and I (HESSLEY REY) will be there to keep you happy and hugged and feeling special as always, and then we have…THE BEST COMEDIANS EVER!

A few PSAs:

Again, get there EARLY and get a good spot – the room gets packed with standing room only and you do not want to miss anything! THERE IS FREE PARKING in the rear of the venue. Message Hessley for specifics. See you 6/20 and share with your friends – we keep this room free by you packing the room!


VFW Post 246

Venue Specs/Information

Stage dimensions:

(Rectangular) 20' across, 14' deep, 3' height

House gear:

Behringer X32

QSC RMX power amps; (6) 2450 (2) 4050a

EV speakers; (4) QRx 212/75 mains (6) EV TX118 subs

Monitors are Yamaha CM15V, up to six separate mixes available

Full mic arsenal including Shure, EV and Sennheiser

70 patio seats
3 bars
45 parking
800 capacity