Fall Dart League


Fall Dart League!

Two Person Team Cricket League!

Come play in our brand new cricket dart league, in our brand new space, at James Ballantine VFW post 246. League will be starting Wednesday, November 1st at 6 PM. This will be a 12 team, two-person team, cricket dart league. Held in the newly renovated space, this tournament is open to the first 12 teams to register, so sign up now! The league will last 12 weeks and the entry cost is $10 per person, per week.  Email us at [email protected] with the first name, last name, phone number, and e-mail of both of your team members. Don’t want to e-mail?  We have paper sign-up sheets by the dart boards. Please turn in to any bartender. See you there!

VFW Post 246

Venue Specs/Information

Stage dimensions:

(Rectangular) 20' across, 14' deep, 3' height

House gear:

Behringer X32

QSC RMX power amps; (6) 2450 (2) 4050a

EV speakers; (4) QRx 212/75 mains (6) EV TX118 subs

Monitors are Yamaha CM15V, up to six separate mixes available

Full mic arsenal including Shure, EV and Sennheiser

70 patio seats
3 bars
45 parking
800 capacity